Tips for Dealing with Broken Glass

Accidents happen all the time. Regardless of if you had a slip when moving furniture or doing some home repairs, or if your kids got a little over-zealous throwing the baseball, broken glass has to be handled carefully. If you don't know what to do, or how to do it, you may injure yourself or cause more damage to the already broken glass. Some tips that will help you along the way can be found here.

Protect Yourself

Before you even think about picking up or cleaning up broken glass, you need to protect your skin. Make sure you have on protective shoes and gloves. At this point, you can pick up the larger pieces and dispose of them safely.

Picking Up Smaller Glass Shards

The good news is, picking up small shards is no longer limited to a broom and dustpan. After all, this method is not always extremely effective and there is a high likelihood of missing a shard and having it lodged in your foot later on. Some other ways to make sure you get all the pieces and shards include:

  • Use a potato: You can grab a raw spud, or any type of root vegetable for that matter, and cut it in half. After this, just press the halves into the glass for safe removal and pick-up.
  • Use a slice of bread: Shards and pieces of glass will easily stick into a soft piece of bread. Also, it offers a wide surface so you can cover a larger amount of the ground.
  • Tape: While this one is not a huge surprise, the tape will efficiently pick up the small pieces of glass that are scattered everywhere. Try to find the widest and thickest tape you have to avoid injuring yourself. Duct tape and packing tape work exceptionally well.
  • Damp paper towel: You can fold a piece of paper towel over a few times and then dampen it for a quick and safe way to pick up shards of glass. Be sure it has been folded enough to protect your hand from the sharp glass.

If you are the crafty type, you can store these glass pieces away for a fun mosaic project later on. However, you still have to deal with the broken window or door. At this point, it will likely be smart to call for emergency glass repair service. This will minimize the potential of issues arising and restore the security of your home.