Tips for Keeping Your Wardrobe Neat and Organized

Keeping your wardrobe neat and organized can be a challenge, and if you find that your clothes are often cramped and crowded and you can never find a piece you need, you might want to consider some simple tips in this regard. These will help you keep the wardrobe looking its best and also cut down on time you waste searching for some article of clothing.

1. Organize by use, then color

You might have been told to organize your wardrobe by color, but it's often better to organize your clothes by use. This means that you create one section of clothes that are for the office, one for those that are for going out with friends, and then one for casual clothes. Another section might be for workout clothes. If you organize this way, you don't waste time looking all over the wardrobe for the right shirt to wear to the office when it's mixed in with clothes you might wear to the nightclub, simply because they're both white, or tying to go through all your black skirts looking for one that isn't too short for daytime.

Once you've organized the sections by use, you might then organize by color. All your white dress shirts are on one side of that section, followed by blue dress shirts, and the like.

2. Purge

Twice yearly, it's good to purge your wardrobe of items you won't need for the upcoming season. In spring, take out all your winter sweaters and wool suits, put them in bins and put these elsewhere, then swap these with your summer clothes when wintertime comes back around. You can also take that time to permanently get rid of items you no longer wear; donate them to charity if you're hesitant to toss them out, or have your friends go through them and take what they want from your unused items first!

3. Make use of all the space

If your wardrobe doesn't come with racks and shelves that take up all the space inside, invest in these. Shoe racks can give you an added shelf for shoes rather than just using the wardrobe floor. Racks on the shelves above the clothes rods can mean being able to neatly stack sweaters or accessories on top of one another, creating more space. You might even put hooks on the inside of hinged doors to hold handbags, scarves and ties, or add those hooks to the front of sliding wardrobe doors. This keeps them organized and opens up the space inside.