How to Use Mosaic Tiles in Your Home Décor

If you are looking to add more colour and texture to your home's décor, you can't go wrong with mosaic tiles. There are actually a wide range of ways to use the tiles, from using them as a backsplash in your kitchen, to covering your bathtub with them. Here are some different ways to use colourful mosaic tiles in your interior décor.

Use Them On the Wall in Various Patterns

While you can definitely cover an entire wall in your bathroom or kitchen with simple colour patterns, there are also ways to be more creative. You can also use the tiles to create a wallpaper effect right on your walls. Try using vertical patterns along the walls of your bathroom to make it look as if there is glass wallpaper on the wall. Choose simplistic designs that are easy to incorporate into a wallpaper-like effect, such as flowers and leaves, or vines going up the walls. Another way is to create a wall mural by using the mosaic tiles.

Cover a Bathtub With the Tiles

If you want more colour and a brilliant design in your bathroom, consider using the tiles to cover your bathtub. Your guests won't expect to see the bright tiles right on the bathtub, adding an impressive look and a fun space. If you have a freestanding bathtub, you can cover the entire sides of the tub with the glass tiles, either choosing the same colour, an ombre design, or simply using a few of your favourite colours. Remember if you have a shower instead of a bathtub, the tiles can also be used right in the shower on the walls and even the floor.

Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can also use mosaic tiles to improve the décor in that space. The first way is to use them as a backplash. You can glue them to the wall just above your stovetop or sink, where the tiles not only provide a fun decorative element, but protect the wall from water and grease splatter. You might also want to cover your plain countertops with the mosaic tiles, adding an interesting look without having to completely replace your countertops.

Create a Floor Design

What many people don't realise is that mosaic tiles can also be added to the floor. You can cover an entire floor in the tiles, or use some of them to create what looks like a glass tile rug. Create a square or rectangle-shaped area on the kitchen or bathroom floor with some tiles of the same colour, or use them in a pattern in a small area of the floor, such as underneath the bathtub.