How To Teach Your Kids To Look Out For The Signs Of A Broken Windscreen When They Learn To Drive

Teaching your children to drive is a very exciting period in anyone's life. First of all, your child will be excited at the prospect of a little more freedom and you, the parents, feel like your child is becoming more and more of an adult. However, when teaching your child how to drive, it is important that you also teach them how to look after their or your car. One aspect of this car maintenance that is not often discussed is how to spot a broken windscreen. While that may seem obvious, it can be quite elusive, especially for beginner drivers.

Small Cracks Become Big Problems

Beginner drivers sometimes will notice small cracks that may have come from a pebble smashing into the windscreen, but they will disregard it because it is not in a prominent place or it is tiny. It is vital that you impress upon them the need to be proactive when it comes to windscreen replacement. Small cracks can become huge cracks in the blink of an eye when you hit a speedbump a little too fast or if you slam on the breaks a little hard. Make sure you tell them to always tell you immediately if they have any crack in their window, no matter what size, so you can deal with it by contacting the correct professionals.

Draft Coming In WIth All Windows Closed

Sometimes the windscreen's seal will come loose and it will get pushed out of position by just a tiny bit. This will allow some air to come in and can cause a rushing sound or just a feeling of a draft. Whenever you hear this sound, it is vital you do not drive any more than necessary before you call for mobile windscreen replacement. An ill-fitting windowscreen can be blown out, or into, your car and cause a very dangerous situation.

Check The Corners

It is not uncommon for the borders of windscreens to have a slightly tinted look, and this can obscure cracks. The edges are very common places for cracks to begin, so teach your children to always have a quick scan of the borders of the windscreen just in case something has hit the window while you were away from it. If it is really hard to see, then they may want to run their finger over it, as the glass will not cut them even if it is slightly cracked and this feeling is a sure-fire way to notice any irregularities. 

If you or your children notice any issues, reach out to a professional who provides windscreen replacement services.