Why Pool Fencing Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought But An Integral Part Of Your Decision Making

For many Australians, installing a pool is one of the most important additions they will make to their home, and most of their thoughts will go into designing and planning the pool proper. Less attention will be paid to the surrounding space, such as the tiles and deckchairs and even less will be given to the pool fencing itself. That is a shame, as there are so many different varieties of pool fencing, from the popular and ever-accessible glass pool fences to more unique options such as wrought iron. If you are planning on installing a pool, here are a few reasons why you should spend a bit more time on the pool fence than you might have originally planned.

Huge First Impression

Your pool fencing is often the first thing that people will see when it comes to your pool, especially if it is opaque. Creating an image that is in line with the rest of the pool (and the surrounding patio or backyard) is not easy at the best of times, and even less simple when you give yourself limited time and money to complete this project. Pool fencing can elevate your pool's look to the next level in a way that other accessories simply cannot. It is like choosing the perfect background when painting a landscape — get it right and no one will notice it, but get it wrong and everyone will remember it for the wrong reasons.

Minimal Cost When Compared To The Services Rendered

Pools are, in effect, large bodies of water, which can become traps for younger children or those who cannot swim. Pool fencing has literally saved hundreds of lives, if not more, across Australia. Choosing pool fencing that is more decorative and has no actual functional purpose is a huge mistake and one that could cost you dearly. When you consider that a pool fence can and has saved lives, and all life is priceless (especially those of family and friends who are most likely to be using the pool), then it is obvious why spending a few hundred dollars extra on a nice and secure fence is an easy choice. 


The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned money on a fence that looks great and had a price that was too good to be true, because odds are there is a reason for that. Durability is not a quality that may come cheaply, but it is worth its weight in gold over the course of the many decades you will own and love this pool. A strong pool fence that can withstand your own rough-housing in addition to extreme weather events is vital. You don't need to spend tens of thousands on a pool fence, but don't get the cheapest varieties either, especially when lives are at risk.