Ways to Upgrade Your Glass Shower Screen

Your bathroom is likely an area of your home that offers an escape from the day, relaxation and a place to recenter yourself. This means you want the bathroom to reflect the qualities that are peaceful and help build mindfulness. One way many do this is through the use of glass shower screens. If you already have a glass shower screen, you may find that simple upgrades can help change the look and feel of the entire room. Here are some ways to upgrade your shower screens and how you can benefit from those upgrades. 

Removable Frosted Glass

One of the ways you can upgrade your glass shower screen is to add removable frosted glass. This is a type of contact or peel and stick paper that can be placed directly on your clean glass. The frosted glass must be smoothed out to avoid air bubbles or damage. Once this is done, you can have privacy from the level of frosting in the paper. You can also choose frosted patterns that fit your room design or give an additional depth to your glass shower screen. The removable frosted glass covering is available at most hardware stores and is an upgrade you can do yourself or have done professionally. 

Hardware Upgrades

If you already have a shower that is considered to be a glass screen, you may have older hardware on that screen. This older hardware may show signs of damage from years of use. For example, discolouration and rusting can be evident issues. One way to upgrade the shower screen is to simply upgrade the hardware. Once the hardware is removed, you can perform a deep cleaning on the glass. When this is done, the hardware can be replaced and give an updated look to an otherwise older shower screen. 

Etching and Painting

You may decide you want to upgrade your glass shower screen in one area, such as the middle or the side. This usually becomes an option when you employ an etching artisan or glass painting artisan. You can have designs of your choice or unique designs etched into the glass or painted onto the glass with a special waterproof and durable paint. If you have a specific option in mind, discuss the design or option with your glass artisan to ensure you're getting the final product and results you want. 

If you are ready to move forward with your glass shower screen upgrade, contact your area contractor. They can assess the bathroom and determine if an upgrade can be made. They will discuss options with you as well. Once you have made your choices regarding which upgrades you want, your contractor will schedule a time to assess the property. Contact a local shower screens supplier to learn more.