Do You Need a Vehicle Windscreen Replacement?

Your windscreen plays an important role in keeping you safe. You can drive with unincumbered vision when it's clear and easy to look through. You might require a replacement if something affects it, such as a crack. Understanding more about when replacements are necessary can help you identify when to call a replacement team.

Small Chips May Be Okay

A small chip on your windscreen might not warrant a replacement. However, you still need a repair ASAP to prevent it from growing into a full crack. Repair teams can tackle chips by applying resin that fills them in. Leaving a chip unaddressed during extreme weather temperatures may result in a crack, though. Unfortunately, if the chip is near the edge of the glass or penetrates too deep, you'll need a replacement. Simple repairs aren't sufficient to keep windscreens stable in such cases.

Large Cracks

Large cracks usually require a vehicle windscreen replacement. Although resin is effective for filling in small chips, it doesn't provide the structural support to replace large cracks. Whether a crack is classed as large or not can depend on its location and depth. For example, a crack you can repair in the centre of the windscreen may be too big to repair if it's at the edge. As such, don't be surprised if a repair professional recommends a replacement when you've previously fixed a crack of a similar size.

Interior Damage

Most windscreen damage occurs when something hits a car externally. As such, it's unusual for interior damage to be a problem. However, if you've had to break suddenly, an object in your car may hit the glass with force and cause interior damage. Or, an external object could hit with such force that the interior glass suffers. Replacements are more common in such instances as the glass's interior can be hard to repair. 

Shattered Areas

A lot of vehicles feature glass that shatters without breaking away. If something hits your car and shatters a small area of glass, you may not feel like you need a replacement. However, it only takes a few movements from your windscreen wipers to spread fragments further and cause abrasions that make the glass unsafe. Additionally, cracks often indicate that the glass is structurally unstable.

If your car has cracked or shattered glass, avoid driving it. By using a mobile vehicle windscreen replacement team, you can benefit from a convenient repair service and drive your car only when it's safe to do so. 

For more info about mobile vehicle windscreen replacements, contact a local company.