Should Your Pool Windows Be Made of Glass or Acrylic?

Pool windows are a striking and attractive adornment to your swimming pool and are usually made of either glass or acrylic. What are the advantages of each type?  Glass Glass is the traditional material for making pool windows. Its main advantage is that, as it is a harder material than acrylic, it is much less likely to get scratched or scuffed. This is a particular issue when shipping the panes to their eventual destination, as acrylic panes can easily suffer slight damage in transit whereas glass is likely to arrive unblemished. Read More 

Top Benefits of Glass Splashbacks

Many modern homes in Australia have splashbacks installed in the kitchen. These fixtures are used to prevent staining on walls due to the spices and oils used when cooking. Kitchen splashbacks can be made of mosaic, polished wood, tiles or glass. However, glass is the most popular material for splashbacks. Here are some of the reasons you should consider installing glass splashbacks when renovating your kitchen.  Low-Maintenance One of the main reasons people choose glass splashbacks is their low maintenance. Read More 

How to Repair a Leaky Double Glazed Window

Many people live in a part of the country affected by extreme weather or heat at certain times of the year. Consequently, they will want to maintain an acceptable indoor environment and ensure that they can keep those unwanted conditions at bay. While they may have fitted insulation around the perimeter, they will also rely on the quality of their double glazed window units. However, sometimes these units can begin to fail, and when this happens, they may need repair. Read More