Different Types of Window Glass You Might Consider for Home

When you need emergency glass repair for a broken window at home, you might take the opportunity to consider replacing that glass with something more durable, more insulating, or more secure than your old windows. All window glass is not alike, so you should understand and discuss your options with a glass installer when you call for emergency repair or replacement.

Gas filled windows

When glass is made for windows, gas can be added to the mixture. These windows are then better at absorbing sound, as the gas disperses sound waves that would otherwise travel through the glass. The gas can also keep hot and cold air on their respective sides of the window, so you won't lose energy while heating or air conditioning during the year. Gas filled windows are sometimes a more affordable option than other varieties while still giving you the insulating properties you want in your home.

Heat absorbing glass

Glass that is tinted may allow less heat into your home because it cuts down on direct, bright sunlight. However, heat from the sun will still pass through standard tinted glass. Heat absorbing glass is a bit different than other types of tinted glass; the tint on this glass will actually absorb heat so it doesn't pass through. This keeps your home even cooler during summertime and especially in tropical or desert areas or anyplace with long, hot summers.

Low-E glass

Low-E glass will reflect the heat from the sun's rays, while still allowing light to pass through. If you like the idea of a bright, sunny room but don't like the heat this produces, you want to choose Low-E glass. You'll still have sunlight in the room but not the added warmth or stuffiness you might otherwise experience. This glass is good for windows that get lots of direct sunlight throughout the day.

Impact resistant glass

If you need emergency glass repair because of a strong storm, vandalism, or any other factor that might mean repeated damage to your windows, opt for impact resistant glass. This type of glass is made with an inner layer of a type of thin poly vinyl material. You may not even notice that this glass is different than other types of window glass, but it will hold up better against strong vibrations from hurricanes and other storms, and it will be more difficult to break with a rock or other object.