How to Repair a Leaky Double Glazed Window

Many people live in a part of the country affected by extreme weather or heat at certain times of the year. Consequently, they will want to maintain an acceptable indoor environment and ensure that they can keep those unwanted conditions at bay. While they may have fitted insulation around the perimeter, they will also rely on the quality of their double glazed window units. However, sometimes these units can begin to fail, and when this happens, they may need repair. What should you be on the lookout for and what type of repair is possible?

Controlled Environment

As you know, a double glazed window will rely on a sealed unit in between the inner and outer panes. It's essential to maintain a controlled environment within the void as this will help to regulate the internal temperature of the home.

Moisture Absorbent

Typically, technicians make the mainframe of the window from aluminium, and they will usually add a highly absorbent material such as desiccant to keep condensation at a minimum. The unit will nevertheless rely on a seal around its periphery, but, with time, this can start to degrade.

Internal Fogging

While the desiccant may be able to cope with a certain amount of moisture should it enter through any imperfection, this protection will only go so far. When the condensation builds up to a certain level, it will form a mist on the opposite side of the inner glass pane which you will not, of course, be able to wipe.

Removing the Moisture

If the rest of your window is in relatively good condition, you should think about repairing the faulty seal and clearing out any accumulated moisture. Typically, the engineer will drill some small holes into the space bar as fitted to each side of the window and will then pump in a drying agent to get rid of the moisture. They may also clean the inside and coat the internal surface with a solution, which should prevent moisture buildup in the future.

Repairing the Problem

You should also ensure that they fix the cause of the issue by repairing the sealant wherever needed so that the unit is once again secure and can provide its high level of protection.

Calling in the Expert

Talk with double glazing window repair experts whenever you encounter this type of problem. They will conduct the repair and ensure that you can see clearly through your window once again. 

For more information about repairing windows, contact a professional.